Waki Company Japan Co., Ltd. aims to contribute to the society by the offering the advanced technologies, products and materials to support R&D and industry.
In order to contribute to the realization of the innovation and the growth that leads to the future, we always seek and try to provide “advanced and convenience”.
As a represent and distributor company of the oversea products, we aim to strengthen the global relationships, and provide the useful information, services and support that are adapted with the Japanese culture and know-how.
Our based policy is “Toward our focus on our customers”.
And we will try to create the new value, with our human resource (personality) and technology and services.
Please note : Basically our sales territory is only in JAPAN, due to our policy in current.
       Thus, we provide all our products only in Japan domestic.
       We cannot submit our quotation to oversea company.

Waki Company Japan Co., Ltd.
Address:7-10-25 Koganehara, Matsudo-City, Chiba-Pref. Japan ,Postal code:270-0021